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Over the course of the last 15 years, I’ve learned all of the ins and outs about building great websites to meet my various business and personal needs. Now, I can build one in about a day. But a fabulous presence on the internet doesn’t stop at the bones of a website – it’s what’s inside that really counts.

Every Package Includes:


1  A WordPress website with a customized premium theme:

You pick out the theme (design bones) of your choice to run on the most trusted website platform in the world. I install and customize it with everything needed to make it uniquely YOU.

I’ll also install and set up all of the best supporting software packages in order to make your website run as best as it can while getting found by your next biggest fans.


2 Professional photography:

If you’re local to the Raleigh-Durham area, you and I will meet up so that I can take some fabulous new headshots of you for your website. As a former professional photographer, I know what makes a great photo! Then, I’ll edit them to make sure you look your best. Pssst: Thanks to the miracles of technology, I’ll be doing this all from my iPhone! 

If you’re not local, you can have a friend take some shots of you using my tips for the best results, and I’ll edit them.

Finally, where valuable, I’ll source professional stock photography that will give your website that extra touch.


3  A winsome wordsmith writing your website copy:

Wielding my degree in writing, I’ll use the information you provide me to wordsmith your website content so that the text on your website wows.


4 Tutorials and support:

Don’t worry. I won’t send you out on the big adventure of managing your new website alone! I’ll provide you with access to visual tutorials as well as be available for questions.


How It Works:

You’ll choose your WordPress theme from an assortment of stylish pre-selected options – I’ve sorted through thousands to find some of the best on the market, so that you don’t have to. Or, you can follow instructions for choosing your own theme.

Each package includes my $450 set fee for all of the included services + the cost of the theme you select.

Once you purchase your package, you’ll receive an email with next steps, which  include a new client questionnaire. Once I get that back, I start getting to work!

So Who Am I?

Hey, I’m Sara! I believe that everyone – even those who are “not technically inclined” or “website savvy” – can and should have a standout website for an affordable price. That’s where I come in! I’ve been writing since I was six, taking photographs since I was 15, and building websites since I was 18. I’ve been helping my friends, acquaintances, and employers build websites for years, and it’s a wonder that I didn’t start this business sooner. Better late than never, right?! Read more about me here.

Hey, I’m Sara!

I’m a website developer, writer, and photographer who believes that wonderful websites should be easily attainable for all.

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