Here Are The FAQs And Important Things To Note

How soon do you start working on my website?
Each client is added to my service queue and served in a first come, first served basis. If there’s no one ahead of you, I start your website right away. If there is someone ahead of you, or if I have multiple clients in my queue, you are served in numerical order.
How long does it take to get my completed website?
Once I have all of the required information and materials, I can produce a website in 24-48 hours before revisions. “Required information and materials” include a completed new client questionnaire and your headshots (taken by either myself or a friend of yours and sent to me.) How soon I have those depends a bit on you.
How does the design process work?
My services are in line with what would be a called a semi-custom design process. You will submit your desired color palette, but after that, I will elect options for how to use that color palette, which fonts to use, and how to structure the layout of your website. Each client will receive multiple design options to choose from for each design variable – fonts, color arrangement, and page layouts – up to three. However, you must keep in mind that some WordPress themes, normally those that look more simple in stature and are primarily meant only for blogging (verses business), do not often allow for as much customization, especially with layout. I will present the options to you as screenshots, and you will let me know which ones you prefer. I will then finalize your website with those design settings.
Free themes do not make for fabulous websites, because they simply do not have the same abilities to be as customized as premium themes to. The best of the best still requires a small investment.
Do you provide a custom logo?
No. I format the header/logo text area of your website to display your site title and tag line (if the theme allows), but I do not design custom logos. Look for info on how to obtain a semi-custom logo for an affordable price here soon.
Do you build websites for multiple clients using the same theme?
Yes. Each theme I pre-select and offer to design with on my web site (or even one you find on your own) is one that is publically available to anyone on the internet. This is another feature of a “semi-custom” design. No, your website will not be the only one featuring this WordPress theme – but that would be true even if you weren’t working with me. It WILL be the only one featuring YOU – and that is what’s most important.
What is your preferred style for photography editing?
Clean, bright, and classic. Studies show that viewers prefer these kinds of images the most. If you’re a vintage gal and strongly desire vintage style editing, for example, I can certainly present some options for that. If you’re a business, clean and classic is definitely where you would probably be wise to stay.
How will we communicate?
Primarily by email, but I’m happy to jump on a video or phone call anytime.
What is your refund policy?
I do not provide refunds because I am very clear about what you receive up front. Additionally, I have already put in my time and effort into giving you a great website. Thirdly, I present you with multiple options – so, you are really choosing the final look of your website yourself! The benefit I provide is my extensive know-how in being able to implement the designs and create content swiftly and easily – saving you headache and hassle. Finally, nothing I edit or affect on your website is permanent. It can all be changed by you or restored to original factory default settings 🙂




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