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How To Choose Your Own Theme + Work With The One Stop Launch Shop

There are about as many different places to find and buy WordPress themes as there are to buy clothes these days, and the choices can be overwhelming.

In addition, many of those themes are already outdated according to the latest technology available for web design and standards for what viewers find aesthetically pleasing.

Here’s an example of outdated website design in a WordPress theme:

We want to make sure you get the RIGHT theme.

First, you want to shop the right places:

One of the easiest places to shop for a theme is Creative Market. I say easiest because it provides images in your search results and has a plethora of great looking themes.

One of the most well-known and large marketplaces is Theme Forest. While it has a selection of over 10,000, you do have to click into each one a couple of times in order to view the live demo – there’s no easy visual to use to gauge your interest from the search results.

Mojo Marketplace has a smaller selection but they’re all pretty aligned with today’s standards as well as nicely displayed so that you can see a preview in the search results.

CSSigniter is similar to quality in selection as Mojo Marketplace.

Etsy is a great place to find beginner blogger themes for women – but be warned that these are usually not as technically advanced as those you’ll find in the other marketplaces.

Next, you want to look for themes that contain these characteristics:

Responsive – this means that the theme will adjust to fit the screens of mobile devices. If your website were to NOT do this, you would loose a ton of potential fans and customers. A non-responsive website is basically a death wish!

Customizable fonts and colors – pretty self-explanatory, but believe it or not, some more basic and behind-the-times themes do not allow you to customize these things, so you want to make sure that your chosen theme does.

Multiple layouts – I always look for themes that contain a lot of options for different page and blog post layouts. Having more options allows you to make your website more visually dynamic and exciting for the viewer. It also means that your website theme can grow with your business and accommodate different purposes for your content.

If you find a great looking theme that includes all three of these, you’ve hit the jackpot.

Here’s what to avoid:

“Multi-purpose” themes with multiple demos – These themes sound great in theory, but multiple demos means a lot of content that you’re not going to use being imported into your website’s storage area, which will slow your website down and take up unnecessary space. More than that, these themes are ultimately still more of a a “build it from scratch” type of situation. As a website or tech newbie, they can cause added difficulty for you in maintaining and updating your website. They did so for me even as a veteran.

Furthermore, there are software plugins that you can use with any theme to give yourself more layout and design options should you need them – but let’s cross that bridge after we build your website 🙂

All the other stuff? Don’t worry about it. As long as you’ve made sure your desired theme fit these criteria, you should be golden!

Are you unsure if the theme you like qualifies under these criteria? Feel free to send me a link so I can check it out myself and let you know.

Once you’ve got your theme, use this link to purchase your One Stop Launch package!.

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