Photo by Amy Wadlington. I know my face is blurred out, but for some reason I just really love this photo! 
Photo by Amy Wadlington. I know my face is blurred out, but for some reason I just really love this photo! 


Hey ya’ll, I’m Sara Beth

Since I was a little girl, I’ve been concerned with the art of living life well.

When I was 10, my family started a decade-plus long journey through many trials that began with my parents’ separation. I decided the day that my dad moved out that somehow, I wanted to “help kids like me.” 

When I was 11, I accepted Jesus Christ as my savior.

In between then and now, I’ve learned many ways to miss the mark in living life well.

I’ve also chased a lot of the wrong dreams, in the wrong ways.

I’ve been writing for my own pleasure since I was six years old. 

And all of that leads me to this blog. 

Where I’ve decided that instead of chasing dreams, I just want to chase my passions, and let God make what He wants out of my dreams. I’ve come to believe that

passions + vision = our purpose

My passion, I realize, has become to inspire people to seek and build lives that include what (I believe) to be the richest delights this earthly life has to offer: 






This blog tackles the first two of those, and my microblog, The Richest Delights, features photos and short blurbs focusing on the other three. 

But I’m an introvert – and that means that I am not going to create the next big movement and try to get you on my bandwagon. 

I will work to inspire you solely through seeking and living these things in my own life and posting about it here on my blog.  

Though I’ve had faith for a long time, I am about to move to a brand new town, where I know no one.

It’s a fresh and brand new chance to continue working to build my life based on those five values.

One that includes these things in much more abundance.

For any amount of time that you spend reading about my own journey, thank you!

I pray that your life will be filled with the richest delights.

The Facts 

Nature is my jam – but trees have my heart above all.

 My vision for my life includes owning a farm, which will feature, most importantly, Christmas trees, as well as a “retreat center,” if you will, for people to get away from the daily grind and come and experience – can you guess? – the richest delights!

I’m a movie junkie.

Like a watching-them-in-theaters junkie. Especially the ones that feature recliners and dine-in experiences! My favorite movies are the epic stories and action-adventures.

I’m a sugar addict. Oh, and a starbucks addict.

And my budget goes out the window the minute they start selling Pumpkin Spice. 

I’m a dog mom.

To an adorable and annoying (I take full responsibility) 10 year old yorkie named Toby who forever has my heart.

I love country music!

But true story, the only reason I started listening to it was because back in the day when Tim Tebow still played for the Broncos (and I was living in Denver), I read that he loved country music. But now I genuinely just love it for myself – it’s my favorite.

I sing like a country music star.

But only when no one else can hear me 😉 

i’m moving into my dad’s house.

But it’s not like that. As a fortunate turn of events would have it (aka a miraculous provision from God), my dad decided to buy his vacation home/future retirement home a little while after I announced that I was ready to move back to the East Coast. And it just so happened he’d found a place he wanted to buy that home – on the East Coast! And since he wouldn’t be living there full-time for an approximate five years, he invited me to live there full-time…. while paying rent, of course. And the town he’d chosen to buy that house in? Was everything my heart was longing and crying out for. And the house? Is gorgeous (well, it will be when it’s finished being constructed soon!) I get the blessing of feeling like it’s “mine” without the mortgage in my name;) So many amazing blessings! Praise the Lord. I am so excited. Our closing/move-in date just can’t come soon enough!

I’m An early-thirty-something single and completely, genuinely okay with it.

I mention it because quite frankly, a big chunk of the blogs out there all feature these cute little wives with their handsome husbands and their too-cute babies. I do not have a husband or babies. Sometimes I think I want them, and sometimes I don’t. Whether or not God brings them is a part of my story that He’s still waiting to reveal to me. And that’s perfectly fine with me! I used to hear single Christian women talking about learning to be content with singleness and scoff at them or brush it off as a myth – something not really possible. But shockingly enough, I’ve actually reached that place. There is beauty in marriage, and there is beauty in singleness. I praise the Lord for whichever kind of beauty He has planned for me.