Why Overnight Success Is Bad For Business


If you have the option of investing your money with someone who has a skill with which they can serve and benefit you, are you going to choose the person who has only been using and practicing those skills for ten days or ten years?

Probably the person who’s been doing it for ten years.


Because time is directly proportional to value.

Our culture is in love with the overnight success stories.

In fact, claiming to have an overnight success story tends to help them be even more successful, because since we as humans ALL want the overnight success story, we are easily swayed by that man convincing us that we can have one too.

I often have personal revelations or breakthroughs when I’m sleeping these days. They’ll literally wake me up.

And last night, the thought that woke me up was the realization that time = value.

The more time that person puts into developing the skills with which they serve you, the more valuable they are to you. The more experience under their belt, the better.

Lara Casey said in a recent blog post:

“Things that grow fast don’t last.”

Tim Ferriss’ blog recently featured the following article written by an insanely successful author who has been studying what defines a “perennial” work – something that truly lasts.

The longer your company, project, or endeavor endures, the stronger it is.

Isn’t that true with relationships, too?

10 or 20 years together is a huge accomplishment these days, but because of that we marvel the most at a couple who has been together for 50 or 60 years. That’s the couple we’ll choose first when we seek marital wisdom.

So, don’t worry if or when overnight success doesn’t come to you. You’re not at a disadvantage.

You are on the path to holding far more value. The key is to keep putting in the time.

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