Finding Clear & Actionable Information About Starting A Business Is Hard.

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Expert A specializes in branding your business. Expert B teaches you about blogging. Expert C teaches you about social media. Expert D about accounting, Expert E about legalities….

It’s never all in one place, and even if you do find a lot of it in one place, it is rarely laid out in an organized plan that is easy to follow – one that is actually useful and effective.

Pretty soon, you’re halfway through the alphabet and you have to try to organize the knowledge of 13 different experts – spread throughout their myriad resources – just to create a cohesive to-do list on how to launch your business, not to mention doing it well.

But how can you do it well when you already have that much to manage, and you haven’t even launched yet?

That’s how it felt for me when I set out to start my own business 6 years ago, and it’s no different for new entrepreneurs today.

Can you relate?

My name is Sara Beth Fachetti. I’m a three-time entrepreneur, a consultant to small businesses, and a veteran blogger.

Like you, I didn’t have a five figure launch budget to hire the best of the best to do the important stuff for me – so I hustled and taught myself everything I know by learning how to DIY everything – my branding, my websites, my copywriting, my marketing, my systems… you name it.

I quickly realized how disjointed the information on the internet about starting a business really is, and how hard it can be to put it all together.

Fortunately, I have an inherent need and knack for creating easy to follow plans and systems.

I make it easier FOR YOU to launch your blog or business online.

I know the tools. I know how to use them. I know how to make them work for you.

Are you looking for clear and actionable tools to help you launch your business?

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